People Counting
Production Sheet
Covid pandemics brings social distancing
rules, which restrict the maximum number
of people in retail stores and enforces the
use of facemasks.
How Does It Work
Macula provides an easy to use solution that
Store Occupancy
Macula utilizes one or more security
cameras monitoring store entrances
and exits and connected to a single
Using computer vision and artificial
intelligence techniques, Macula
automatically detects and tracks people
in the video stream.
Store occupancy is measured using people
counting lines placed in the entrances and
Macula monitors the number of people by
automatically detecting the people crossing
the lines pre-set in the video. In case the
store occupancy is larger than the current
maximum, an alert is raised with a predefined
text which is easy to customize.
Automatically counts the number
of people currently present in the
Checks the correct use of
Provides useful statistics not only
about store occupancy and the
number of visitors