For fight against covid-19
Covid pandemic brings many measures such as social
distancing, which restricts the maximum number of
people in offices, stores, and other indoor and enforces
the use of face masks. AI-driven Macula will help you
guard them, keep your employees and customers safe
and your business to run.
Macula provides an easy to use solution that:
How does it
Macula utilizes one or more
security cameras monitoring store
entrances and exits connected to
a single computer. Using comput-
er vision and artificial intelligence
techniques, Macula automatically
detects and tracks people in the
video stream.
Deployment and
A complete easy to setup solution
includes an all-in-one computer
solution with an integrated touch
screen. Macula requires cameras
in suitable positions monitoring
the entrance and exit, which are
either reused or installed during
the deployment. Macula allows an
easy integration with your sys-
tems, e.g., sending a notification
when the maximum store capac-
ity is reached or when a person
without a face mask enters.
Safe, GDPR
compliant solution
Macula runs on-premise, ful-
ly offline. The video stream is
processed in real-time, and no
information about the customers,
pictures, or videos is stored dur-
ing the computation. Therefore,
Macula is compliant with GDPR
and other data protection regula-
tions enforced in Europe and the
rest of the world.
Macula is a ready-to-use AI-powered real-time safety and security video analytics solution that covers a wide range
of scenarios and measurements of business performance. Fully compliant with GDPR.
Automatically counts the number
of people currently present in the
store, office or elsewhere
Checks the correct use of face
masks and personally prompts if
someone is violating measures
Provides useful statistics not only
about store occupancy and the
number of visitors